Plastic Cardiac Boards


also called
Rigid Plastic Backboard, Cardiac Arrest Board/Backboard,
 Cardiac Assist   or    Cardiac Board

3/8" POLY APPROX 18" X 23"


, UPS Ground)

Get a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation   (CPR)  BOARD
 for your Doctor's office, clinic, nursing home,or order one for your Med or Crash cart.



cardiac board AKA cpr board
Polypropylene Plastic  ----    3/8" thick ----  (Standard 18" x 23")- (Large 23" x 31") with hand holds on 2 sides that measure approx 4 1/2" by 1 1/2", also (2 ) 1 1/2" diameter thumb holes on same end as one of hand slots end.  Color is called Natural, a cloudy white.

Custom CPR Boards

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CPR Board Bariatric/Large 23 x 31


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Order one for your office, ambulance, crash cart or emergency area
Our part # MF/CPR  $68.00  each Standard & MF/CPR-B $110.00 each Large 

Cardiac  Boards are rigid plastic back boards used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly called a CPR Board. Typically you will find one on a crash cart. It is a flat plastic board measuring approximately 17" x  23" to 18" x  24", with or without thumb holes or hand slots. A "crash cart" is a cart which contains equipment that is used to perform resuscitation on an individual who is in distress, including respiratory distress. The equipment commonly found on a crash cart includes (but not limited to): a suction machine used to clear a resident's airway when it is obstructed; an Ambu-Bag and a mask used to administer artificial respiration to a person who is in respiratory distress and a CPR board also called a cardiac backboard, used to provide a flat and hard surface beneath a person who requires chest compressions to pump blood through his or her circulatory system.

A CPR Board may be among the standard safety items that are recommended to have on site for use in cardiac compression and artificial respiration. Some regulatory requirements for facility locations include they shall be required to have a (CPR) board suitable for CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation). Each facility will need to determine what their own requirements & guidelines are. Facilities requiring a CPR Board include physician and dentist offices, gyms, swimming pools,  nursing homes and elderly care facilities,  ambulances and EMT vehicles, clinics and hospitals, for use on crash carts as well as in emergency rooms.  For many Dental Facilities emergency supplies required include a CPR board be available as CPR cannot be performed in the dental chair without a rigid surface for cardiac compression support.  Part # MF/CPR is the standard 18" x 23" cardiac board that is commonly found in ER & as standard equipment on Med Carts (Crash Carts). The part # MF-CPR-B is a larger version of the same board------23" x 31".

Custom CPR Boards

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